Thursday, April 5, 2018

You know what I love? A rainy day. To me they are the ultimate day of relaxation and perfect opportunity for self care. Being self employed and a single mom I rarely get a chance to partake in a lazy rainy day... but when the opportunity arises I dive in.

Sleep in

You know what’s delicious? Lounging in your warm comfy sheets listening to the rain fall outside the window, it’s one of life’s simplest and delicious pleasures.

Sip a healing tea cocktail

I like to maximize my tea time by “cocktailing” my cup. Hibiscus tea for cardiovascular health, ginger tea for digestion, and milk thistle for detoxing. There are so many combos just open your tea drawer and mix and match.


I can’t turn my brain off... it’s a Gemini trait. I’m always thinking, creating, deciding and having an ever going conversation with myself. It can obviously be mentally draining. I find writing down what I’m thinking can take it out of my head space and take it off my mental plate. I keep a journal of dreams I’ve had, poetry lines I’ve crafted for that book I’ll some day write, wellness ideas recipes and rituals for that other book I’ll someday write filled with all my thoughts. It’s said when you think of something it’s divine interaction, don’t down play that... thoughts come to us for a reason, capture them.


To whom ever is your God, your goddess, your creator. Mines is The Lord. What better time to take a moment and open your heart and let it all out. A good soul purge can leave you feeling light. When the rain comes to wash away the outside let its cleaning energy with the same magic on your inside. It’s a mindset. Find it.


Turn on music that moves you and move your body. Take in the energy of The Universe and sway like the wind that pushes at the rain. It doesn’t have to be a cardio- pump session, it can be slow ,sensual rock. Wanna up the ante? Not scared to get a little wet, take it outside, with out the umbrella, barefoot. Feel your toes connect to the wet grass or pavement. Ground yourself to the earth and allow the rain to cleanse all things that are weighing you down. Let that heavy energy wash into the earth, sway and shake it off. Allow this simple moment of pleasure reset your spirit and your body. Breath in the clean wet air, let it fill you up, set the intention that at that moment you reset your day, your week , your life.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Wonderful Winter Skin

Winter is coming. Is your skin ready?

 Chances are it's not. Once the season changes and the air gets colder we really need to amp up our skin care regimens.

One of the most important things to do this Winter for your skin is to stay hydrated. This is the time of year that people drink less water leaving their skin thirsty and dry. We also have a way of over doing it with sweets and treats not to mention the booze. These holiday extras can leave our skin feeling less than wonderful. 
Need some motivation? Hot water with lemon is my go to cold weather tool. Not only does it keep me hydrated it helps to flush my body of excess water that adds on holiday bloat. So soak up some water, your skin will thank you.

Find a creamy cleanser. The cold air strips our skin of its natural moisture. A thicker creamier cleanser will coat your skin sealing moisture in.

Can't find a creamy cleanser you love? Get a cleanser packed with Vitamin C & AHA's. It brightens naturally and is great for an all over winter glow. My personal favorite is the Arbonne RE 9 daily cleanser.

Grab a facial oil. Remember what I said about sealing in moisture? This is the same idea behind a facial oil. Highly hydrating, deep penetrating bliss. Need a suggestion? 

Arbonne facial oil from the Arbonne Intelligence line. Personal favorite in and outside of the studio.

Invest in a probiotic.

Your gut and your skin are closely related. Because your skin is your largest organ it can be temperamental and reactive to your diet. It's the season of merriment and fun and it's also the season of people being lazy bones so we are a little extra relaxed when it comes to watching what we are eating and burning it off. No movement and a poor diet can lead to sluggish bowels and that can lead to breakouts, lots of them. Eating clean and moving will help. Adding on a probiotic is great tool for every season skin care. Arbonne Digestion Plus is my go to.

Pump the breaks on over exfoliating. I see a lot of over processed skin these days. Everyone is trying out a DIY treatment or two or four they have seen on the internet. What does that lead to? Over processed not happy skin. 
While it's fun to try out these yogurt honey pepper peels or what ever you are seeing online please leave the heavy stuff to the pros. Scrubbing your skin with an apricot scrub 7 days a week is doing way more harm than good trust me.

Don't forget  your smooch! Lips take a beating this time of year. Cold air ...chapped lips. Here is a DIY I can get behind.

1 teaspoon of coconut oil
1/4  teaspoon table sugar
2-3 couple of drops of vitamin e 
2-6  couple of drops of your favorite essential oil or oils to make a blend  
mix in a bowl rub on your lips 
rinse and pat dry repeat twice a week

You can store this mixture in a tupperware and even make a big batch and give out as gifts in cute jars.

Invest in proper professional treatment and quality skin care. Give your skin the gift of reinvention by booking a treatment with your local skin therapist and buying good products. I always say your skin is one of your most important investments. You are going to be looking at your face for the rest of your life as so is everyone else so take care of it.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Return To Autumn

My all time favorite season is Autumn. I love when the days get shorter and the nights get cooler. I can often be found snuggled up in bed ready for an early nights sleep as the evening approaches. One thing I dislike about Autumn is the inevitable slow down that my body has as it arrives. Once I start seeing pumpkins arriving in the markets I know it's bulk up season. Which, isn't going to work for me. How am I planning on maintaining myself for these next few cold months.
Here are some of my plans
- Cut back on carbs. This is a tough one because in all honesty I'm a carbophile. But smart swaps can help. Zoodles instead of pasta. Butter lettuce leaves instead of bread for burgers and sandwiches.
- Go meatless one - two nights a week. I love my slow cooker this time of year but I plan on opting in for a few meatless salads and veggie heavy meals this season.

- More greens less fruit for my smoothies.

- Hot lemon water... Mix in a little bit of almond milk, cinnamon and skip those PSL's 

- Move my butt! The time to recommit to myself is now. Pump up the cardio, get a few more miles in as possible a week, challenge myself.

- Eggs they are eggcellent. I love making a frittata loaded with veggies on Sunday evening this gives me an easy lunch option during the week.

- Green juice. Mix a batch in the morning and stay sipping all day. Favorites to add
Sweet greens
That right there is a recipe for sweet success.

Self Care

September is one of my favorite months. September is the time that I always mentally reset. It's a time of new beginnings and routines. It's also the perfect time to recommit to self care. 

One of my favorite things to do to care for myself is unplug and have a regular bedtime. Your body and skin need sleep. I'm a firm believer in Gabrielle Bernstein's idea that sleep is also a spiritual practice. When you are running on a low frequency from lack of steady sleep and other energetic disturbances it really will start to show in your appearance. Unplug and get some zzz's. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Holidays are here and most of us are partying like it's 1999. But hey friends think about it. In 1999 not a lot of people were concerned with their wellness. It's a new day and a new way. That being said we are all still collectively living life and boozing up a bit too much this time of year. If you are making the holiday party circuit this weekend here are some great acupressure potent points that will get you on the road to mending that much faster. The names of these acupressure points may sound silly to you, but hey, they work. You gotta love traditional Chinese medicine.

I included acupressure points and names so you can do a little more research if  you need it.
Let's start with my favorite point of all time

The Great Eliminator (LI4) . Please note, this point is forbidden for you to use if you are pregnant. Also please use with caution while laboring at the end of your pregnancy. The great eliminator can stimulate contractions in the uterus.

The great eliminator is located in the webbing between your thumb and index finger. You'll want to search for and locate the highest point on the hand and press with intention down into and up towards your heart. Feel that little bump? That's the great eliminator. Not only is the great eliminator great to help cure a hang over its a great point to know and use for almost every aliment. Head aches, cramps, bloating, tension and pain. I use this point often in my massage and skin care practice and also at home.

                                                     ( Acupressure Potent Points
                                                         Michael Reed Gach )

                                                            ( Acupressure  Potent Points
                                                         Michael Reed Gach ) 

The Gate of Consciousness. (GB20)  Located below the base of your skull. Feel for the hollows of your skull. They are located between your two major neck muscles. Feel for the hollows. Press with your thumbs or index fingers up into your skull, with intent. Hold this point for a few moments. This point is great for eye pain, dizziness and that irritation we all have after a long night of too much fun.

The Heavenly Pillar (B10) When looking for the heavenly pillar you'll want to spread your fingers out about a half inch from the base of your skull. Feel for the ropey muscles, outwards of the spine. Press with intent and hold for several minutes. If the muscles feel extra ropey not only are you hung over but you are in need of body work and should schedule a session with a trained professional. The heavenly pillar is a great point for exhaustion, burn out, eye strain and overall head heaviness.

Wind Mansion ( GV16) How to find it? Search with index finger for the large hollow in the center of the back of your head. This is a tricky one to locate. I suggest holding your head straight looking forward. You may need your index and middle finger to locate. Once you find it press with intention into the point. This point is deeper so press with a firm finger but don't over do it.

                                                           ( Acupressure  Potent Points
                                                         Michael Reed Gach )

Bigger Rushing (Lv3) There is a valley between your big toe and middle toe on the top of your foot. Say hello to  Bigger Rushing. Great go to point for every day life and also hangovers. To find bigger rushing walk your index finger just a smidgen to find the valley. Once found, press down then up toward the heart with intention and hold for a few minutes.

Maybe you're like what? What exactly am I feeling for? Well, Acupressure points are often tender little spots on your body. Sometimes they feel like bumps.  These points connect all of the meridians through out our bodies allowing energy or chi flow to circulate. A great reason to use acupressure not only when you are  hung over but in every day life is that often stimulation of one point will send a surge of chi ( energy) to another point in your body. It's a great self care practice and I highly recommend it.

Don't forget, drink plenty of water after a night of drinking. Alcohol dehydrates you. Feeling a little bloated after a party night, try and skip as many carbs as possible. Eat protein and drink water.

Happy Holidays and party on!

A Splash Of Color For Your Morning

I have been on a serious smoothie kick for weeks and weeks now. With the gloomy weather of Fall and  early Winter I've been whipping up some delicious, nutritious color. This fun blender cup had a vanilla protein powder, a handful of berries, blue berries, raspberries and strawberries. I also blended in chia seeds for extra fuel and biotin for healthy skin, hair and nails. A splash of almond milk and water and voila... magenta yum!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Return Of Mermaid Life

It has been months since I felt ok enough with my conscious to soak in a bath. California is having a pretty serious drought. I have been working out a whole lot lately and my poor quads were seriously not happy with me.  Since it had been so long I allowed myself the indulgence and whipped up some extra fantastic ingredients to make sure my bath was as therapeutic and indulgent as possible.

So what was in the brew this go round? Well let me tell you.

3 tablespoons of chamomile flowers dried
1 cup of epsom salts
a squeeze of local honey, a kukoi body oil
1/2 cup of milk
2 tablespoons of dried passion flower
a few sprinkles of lavender essential oil

Not only was this bath aromatic and soothing to my achy muscles my skin was smooth and felt fantastic the next day. Oh and in the tea cup, chamomile tea. It was a long day.